Call for papers

For this workshop we especially welcome works on languages which do not use stress to mark focus and/or contrast. We furthermore encourage research within the Unalternative Semantics framework.

Topics of the workshop may include, but need not be limited to, submissions on: 

  • Descriptive overview of Information structure marking in lesser studied languages.
  • Different ways of focus marking: Ways to model the influence of syntactic position, morphological marking (and prosodic marking) on the signalling of IS categories, across languages, but also in languages that combine several of these.
  • IS ambiguities: Patterns in which the same form is compatible with different sizes, or even locations, of pragmatic focus/topic etc ('focus projection’). How to model these, and what patterns are attested?
  • IS Pragmatics: What are the pragmatic conditions on the use of IS categories, i.e. how do pragmatic rules make reference to such labels as `focus’, `topic’ etc.
  • Interaction between focus marking and other categories such as aspect, mood, etc.

Submission guidelines: 

Please submit your anonymous abstracts as a PDF file to
11pt Times New Roman, 2 pages including examples, but excluding references and graphics. 
You should aim at 40 minutes presentation (30min+10min). 

EXTENDED deadline for abstract submission: 31.05.2019 09.06.2019
Notification of acceptance: mid-late June